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Posted on December 13, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome Everyone!!

   I want to start off my new blog by wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas, and a safe New Year

   I will be blogging every day, or at least try to, with articles, stories, and just about anything that comes into my mind, and that

could be just about anything!  I hope you enjoy this, because I love writing and sharing with all of you. This is something new for

for me so please bear with me. I am reasonably intelligent, at least I am told, so I think I may catch on rather quickly.

   I plan to introduce many things on my blog, like contests, fun facts, articles, stories, just to name a few. I hope to hear from all of

you, especially with comments, suggestions, and helping me make this blog exciting, enjoyable and fun to read. I'd like to be a "household name,"

as is often quoted. That is my goal for the future!!!

   As I have explained in other areas of my site, I love to create customized gift baskets. My husband has a great story he tells at networking

meetings. "If you buy a gift basket at Walmart, you'll see several made the same way, with the same contents. The only difference is the color

of the ribbon and tissue paper. The person receiving the gift basket may like only one or two items, and trashes the rest, or gives them away

to someone. You have wasted money and the receipient is disappointed."  Unfortunately, that happens all to often. Our baskets are never

pre-made, because they are customized to your specifications. We have a form for you to fill out, I will call you and personalize it, then create

a gift or gift basket, sure to thrill the one you are giving it too, because every item in it is especially for them!!

   You may think it's expensive, but no way, because you set the price!!  We take the stress off of you. Enjoy our site and think about us for

any and all of your gift giving needs. We ship throughout the United States, and take credit cards. What could be easier?  We offer several

programs, and plan on introducing more in the future. We want to keep things new, fresh and exciting!

   Okay, enouch of my sales pitch!!  I am so looking forward to spending my day with you. It's time to feed Snoopy, (the Prince), his breakfast,

then get on with my day. I will talk with you all tomorrow. Have a great day, and remember, never look back, always forward, with a positive

attitude and a smile!!  Trust me, you will make someone's day!!