Baskets of Dreams

    "We create the Smiles and You get the Hugs!" 

Monthly Surprise Program Information

We know how busy you are on a daily basis, between working at your job and taking care of your family. It takes time to search and shop for a gift for birthdays, anniversaries or any event for that special someone. That's where Baskets of Dreams can help!!!

We offer a monthly program that fits into your busy schedule. You provide us with a list of people you want to send a special gift to. We create a profile on each person of their hobbies, food preferences, etc. and the special occasion the gift is for.  (Example: January 2nd., birthday, Mary)  We will automatically send her a birthday gift.  

Each month that you provide a name and profile for, will automatically receive a gift from you. The stress is taken off of you. We take care of everything!!  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the pleasure your recipient will receive when surprised with a special gift from you !! 

You provide us with your credit card information, we will bill your card each month a gift is sent. An email message will be sent to you a week before reminding you a gift is being sent and your card is being charged.  Your card will be kept private and secured at all times.

Our prices start at $20.00, plus a shipping fee.  We ship anywhere, and deliver locally in the Pensacola, FL area. We look forward to hearing from you!! You can call our office at, 850-361-4881, or cell at, 850-293-0954. Let us help you make your busy life less stressful.